Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a weekend!!!

Hasn't the weekend just been awful with the fires in Victoria???? It is just such a tragedy, between the fires and the flooding Australia is being hit hard from all angles. My heart goes out to everyone affected by either the water or the fire.

The weekend here was pretty ordinary. Hubby and I were going down to Mt Gambier on Saturday after I dropped the boys at their dad's and returning to pick them up from school on Monday. Well it ended up being a weekend of one thing after another.

We were woken at 4.45am on Saturday by a call from the security company who looks after Hubby's work saying that the alarm had gone off and they were sending out a security guard. Well hubby decided to go and investigate since we only live about 15 minutes away. I had no choice but to stay home since I had the 4 kids sleeping here. I sat here worried that there would be men with baseball bats waiting for him (lol isn't it ridiculous how the worst possible scenarios run through your head!!). He got to work to find nothing amiss and ended up letting himself in, having a quick look around and resetting the alarm himself. The security guard still hadn't arrived and at this point it was almost an hour after we had received the call about it, so hubby called them and then came home. We went back to bed for an hour then got the boys up to take them to their Dad's at 9.00.

We then proceeded to leave for Gambier. We got about a kilometre up the freeway when the car made a loud backfire noise and died. We got it over to the side of the road and called the RAA. This was a day when the temperature was soaring and the wind was absolutely unbelievable. We put the bonnet up but had to put it down as it looked like it was going to tear off. We waited 45 minutes for the RAA guy to get there. It was sooooo hot, thankfully we had water bottles with us. The RAA guy got out the car and had a look and his sunglasses went flying off his head, he ended up getting his safety goggles out as the wind kept ripping his glasses off his head lol. He deemed it unfixable and called a towtruck. So we proceeded to sit for another hour. While waiting a police car pulled up behind us to ask if we were ok....15 minutes later he was back with some nice cold water...what a sweetie!!! We then continued to sit and saw a tow truck coming up the hill,,,,unfortunately he was in the middle lane and had a truck next to him and continued driving. We made comment and said he probably didn't see us. Twenty minutes later we discovered we were right whent he same tow truck proceeded back down the hill on the other side of the freeway without a car on the back, a few minutes later he came back to us, saying "I don't know how I missed you",,,hmmmm yes well if you had been in the left lane where you should have been you would have seen us lol. We got the car towed back to the mechanics who thankfully had a loan car that we could borrow, and took the loan car back home to swap it over for our other car. Finally at 1.30 we left for Mt Gambier!!!! We ended up arriving in Gambier at about 6.45!! But at least it was cooler down there.

When I looked at my mobile I was shocked to find I had missed 7 calls, 1 being from my mum's house and 6 from my SIL. My phone had been on vibrate accidentally so I hadn't heard it. I called my mum to find that she was actually lucky to still be alive. My brother and SIL had gone up there to see her after returning from a holiday the day before. They arrived there and knocked on the door and got no response. They thought that was strange so used the emergency key (she had a key locked outside that the ambulance can use to get in if needed), they found her unconscious and called the ambos. She had taken a nap and had a hypo (she is diabetic) in her sleep. The ambulance guys said that if my brother hadn't called in she would have been dead by Sunday. She is one lucky lady!!!!! That news rattled me, I worry about her living alone as she is pretty much blind and is getting quite frail, but she refuses to move into a nursing home or retirement village type thing. Her attitude is that the only way she will leave that house is in a pine box.......I used to be able to laugh that off but her health hasn't been the best lately and she had a pacemaker inserted 4 weeks ago and I am scared that I will go up there one day to find that is the case....that sounds horrible but you know what I mean.

Today I should be doing the shopping but I am feeling a bit unwell so I am just pottering around the house. Hubby tells me to sit down and rest and do nothing but that isn't me, I need to be doing something lol. I guess I will go and hang out the washing and do a bit more pottering lol.

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