Monday, February 2, 2009

Call me a Blogaholic lol!!!

OMG I think I have gone blog crazy. I now have about 50 or so blogs on my following list, lol I think I am addicted!!! There are so many great blogs out there and they are so interesting and every time I find something I like I just add it to my list.....I am so glad that people don't add to their blogs every day, well most don't lol or I would never leave the computer!!! Hubby and I have started to try to become "green and frugal" or at least more so than we were. We are doing well so far and have a holiday with the boys lined up so we are desperately trying to save money to go towards that. It is a holiday that I have wanted to do with my kids for many years and feel that before they get too much older we really should go and "just do it"! I can't wait. Once we have this holiday we will be pumping any extra money we can save into our mortgage to try to get rid of that as fast as possible......stay tuned! I sold another 2 things on Oztion today so that is another $11.00 towards our holiday yay!!!

This weekend the heatwave just continued with yet more 40 degree we are looking at a slight reprieve apparently,,,,,its only getting to 39 that is soooooo not a reprieve!!! I just don't seem to be coping with the heat this year at all. I don't know what it is. Normally I handle it better than Hubby but not this year. Roll on Saturday when it is meant to only be about 30 degrees, still warm but alot more bearable!!!!

This weekend was a baking weekend for me. On Saturday I decided to make Pizza Scrolls for lunch so out came the breadmaker which had sat unused for a few months. After making the dough I rolled it out, spread it with tomato sauce, bacon pieces and some cheese, then rolled it up and cut it up into slices. Baked them for about 25 mins and voila! there was Pizza Scrolls. The whole batch got devoured within about 10 least they liked them I guess but I would have loved to have had some left over to make it to the freezer lol. I then decided to make some bread rolls and Hubby put the ingredients into the breadmaker for me but something went wrong, we still don't know what lol, but suspect he may have used SR Flour instead of plain. The dough just about oozed out of the breadmaker and then when the it was done I touched it to get it out and the whole thing was just full of air lol. I continued on to make it into rolls but they didn't turn out very well.....the bottoms of them went like rocks, although the bread in the middle was quite nice. Not to be deterred I made another batch which didn't turn out too bad and my eldest boy has two of them for this lunch time though I must make them bigger, they only turned out like little dinner size rolls. Yesterday I decided to have a go at cinnamon scrolls and I must say other than it turning out a little too cinnamony they are very yummy and heaps cheaper than those at Bakers Delight!! Next weekend I might try making some Jam Scrolls and see how they go.

After reading some more blogs on the weekend and my favourite website..EB I have decided to try going shampoo free. My hair tends to go pretty revolting looking if it gets rained on (by revolting I mean like oily looking) so rather than just use water for the last two nights I have washed it with bicarb soda and done the vinegar rinse. I figure even if I use the bicarb and vinegar every day it still has to be better than shampoo and conditioner and I will save quite a bit as I have long hair and tend to use quite a bit of conditioner. I am surprised that my hair, which usually screams to be washed every second night as by that time it starts to get a bit oily looking and pretty itchy, is actually looking pretty good. It is a little bit oily in one spot which I gather I probably missed with the bicarb lol but other than that it is great. My head isn't itchy at all and if anything it actually feels softer than normal. I was sceptical about using vinegar rinse as a conditioner as I normally find that my hair gets very knotty and it takes a good size portion of conditioner put through it before I can get a comb through it. I found that by dipping the ends of my hair into the vinegar rinse and then running a wide tooth comb through it loosened the knots and then pouring the rest of the vinegar rinse over it slowly then combing again, my hair has been knot free and I wouldn't even know that I hadn't used the handful of conditioner through it. I will keep this updated on my "poo free" adventure lol......even though I'm probably not doing the full on "poo free" thing I think at least this is a start. If it works, I will probably try to just bicarb/vinegar every second day and see if I can stretch it out a bit.

I am also wanting to make up some homemade cleanser and moisturiser......this is quite exciting in its own way lol!!!

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