Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ever have one of those really frustrating kind of days??????

Well today is just one of those days where I wish I could just hop back into bed and start it over. Not that that much has really gone wrong but I just feel really frustrated with it all anyway lol.

We have an inside dog who is a little over a year old now. Here is his picture.....see that look of innocence in his eyes (well the innocence behind the devil reflection he has happening in this pic at least lol)..........

Well this little pooch had been blocked from entering the loungeroom since we have had him because even though he knows he has to poop etc on the paper that is laid out he used to insist on going in the loungeroom and since we had only recently bought a new loungesuite we didn't want the chew monster to try to eat it. Well since we moved furniture around this last weekend we decided to unblock the archway because I was so sick of having to climb over an upturned coffee table all the time. Today I am tempted to just reblock it off. I forgave him on Sunday for destroying my happy plant which I had in a pot on the loungeroom floor. But this morning I had to go up to my Mum's as I do her shopping for her each week and I decided that I would put his food and water in the family room and close the sliding door so that he couldn't wreak havoc in the lounge while I was gone.

DH arrived home to have some lunch with me and beat me by about 10 minutes. He walked in to find the pooch had somehow managed to slide the sliding door open and had shredded a small cardboard box throughout the loungeroom and pooped under the coffee table....ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr I tell you there will seriously be a "4 Sale" sign hanging around this dog's neck before very long.

I was already frustrated because I had arrived back at my Mum's house after I finished her shopping, only for her to say "I forgot to give you my prescription to get filled" and of course when I checked she only had 3 days worth of tablets left, so I had to drive back to the shops to get her medicine and of course there was a 20 minute wait for prescriptions.

All I wanted was a smooth sailing day today lol. I am trying to prepare for the school holidays which are at the end of this week but I can see it just won't happen. I was hoping to have the house really clean and neat so that I can just enjoy time with the boys and know that the house is at least reasonably presentable without too much of my time being taken up with cleaning.

Oh well life is like that I guess lol.

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