Monday, September 22, 2008

Better late than never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that I created this blog all those months ago and have only just begun to use it......lets hope I can keep it up now lol.

The weather here today is sooooo gloomy, although we do need the rain so that is nice at least. I hung out a load of washing and no sooner had I walked back inside than it started raining, quite heavily even!

DH and I moved stuff around on the weekend and I am so pleased with the result. In our not overly large lounge room we had a Bowflex gym machine, a cross trainer as well as an Ab King Pro. It really did look more like a gymnasium than a lounge lol. We couldn't even open our front door as their was a lounge chair in front of it!!!

Well the gym equipment has been moved out into the family room and I have a loungeroom back and it is sooooooo nice!!!! Look at how lounge like it looks lol......

I would so love not to have the blankets over the chairs but we have one cat loves to sleep on the top of the lounge and also on the chair that is covered in the pink and green blanket and he sheds so much fur it is unbelievable. I took the blankets off the lounge for a bit over winter and every second day I had to "shave" the top of the lounge to remove his fur. I am looking forward to getting new carpet in here and also to painting the walls. But hey just having space in there is a major achievement so I am happy for the moment.

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