Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finally my Crochet Blanket is finished - Blanket Number 2 is ticked off my list!!! YAY

Wow, have I had trouble accessing my blog!  I am thinking of actually scrapping this one due to the never ending dramas I am having with it and starting anew.  I want a new blog not full of complaining like this has turned into lol, but one of crochet and cooking and gardening and you know, fuzzy bunnies and sunshine etc.....  Will see how it goes, or maybe I could just do a facebook page, hmmmmm will have a think!

Anyway back to my blanket.  This blanket was started over a year ago, before we moved to Victoria, before our lives turned upside down.  This blanket has grown on car trips to and from Adelaide to pick up children and take them back.  This blanket has been loved and, yes indeed, it has been hated.  This blanket felt like it was never, ever going to end.  But last week, I picked up my crochet hook and sat determined to finish it off.  I do believe I swore never to make another blanket ever again.  But of course, the internet seems to have thrown me many pictures over the last week of beautiful crocheted blankets and I have thought that maybe, just maybe, there may be another blanket or two, or three in my future lol.

For the moment though, I am going to do a few smaller things, things that won't take me a year (hopefully) to conquer!!!

Well here she is, here is my blanket of torment that has haunted me for so long.  In the end she has ended up being almost a queen bed size as you can see in the pics.  Not quite as large as I would make for a queen bed but almost there.  I took the pics on my son's queen sized bed as his room had the best light on this rather gloomy day.  The pics don't show the true colours but pretty close.

I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I still prefer my original blanket but this one isn't too bad either.  This one used up my stash of wool which was my intention so that is great :)

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Joolz said...

Good to hear from you again, stranger!

I love the blanket! I am just embarking on a granny square blanket for Kirby. 6 colours, just plain squares so no colour changing. Wish me luck, I might have it finished in 2018!!

Cheers - Joolz