Thursday, January 12, 2012

School Holidays,,,,busy doing nothing

First of all I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Our Christmas Day began with the usual chaotic morning of present unwrapping and ooohing and aaahing over the gifts, followed by lunch at my brother's house and christmas night was just Hubby and I as the kids all went to their other parent's houses for dinner.  (This meant we got to check out the Kinect on the new family (or should I say Hubby's Xbox lol,,,,,,,our house really didn't need another Xbox but Hubby's puppy dog eyes won out on that one, but that is a whole other post!)

For New Years we headed down to Victor Harbor a beautiful seaside town about 2 hours drive from here.  We set up our tent in a caravan park down there and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon just milling around the park, followed by a beautiful barbecue dinner and on New Years Eve we spent the day exploring the local area and the kids spent a couple of ours on the beach while Hubby and I relaxed watching them enjoying themselves.  The weather for this weekend was very hot in Adelaide, high 30's/low 40's forecast and it was quite warm, even down on the coast, although thankfully not as hot as Adelaide!  After heading back to our tent for a chicken and chip dinner, we got ready to head to the beach for the New Years Eve Festivities.  They had rides set up there for the kids (at a price!) and of course the kids got their rides on the dodgem cars, Ferris wheel and one other fast spinning thing that Miss12 jumped up and down with excitement about and dragged Mr17 along for lol.

Miss12 and Mr11 chilling in the tent

Our little campsite

On the way to the beach

Dodgem fun

Waiting for the fireworks, complete with glow bracelets to keep them occupied

Glow fun on the beach

This photo doesn't look full of fun lol but they had all been laughing just before I took the photo!!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the new year.  This week I have a houseful of kids, Monday was Mr14's 15th birthday so he had 3 friends over to stay, they went home Tuesday night.  Mr17 and Mr11 were away for Tuesday night, Wednesday night saw Mr11's friend over for a sleepover until tonight and today Mr9 has his friend over for the day, then the same friend will be back again tomorrow with his older brother who is Mr11's friend as well.  Tomorrow night the step kids arrive for a week and as Miss12 is celebrating her 13th birthday today, we will be having her friend over for a sleepover tomorrow night and of course our traditional birthday dinner of pizza, party pies, sausage rolls and the usual party food......tomorrow I also have to create a Justin Bieber cake of some sort lol, could be interesting!!


Niki said...

That looks like alot of fun. Something very similar to what we did too. Hey is your car a Delica? It looks exactly like the interior of our Delica. Which by the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, glad you had a fun break...know all about the holiday sleep overs had 3 extra teenagers the other night...they were actually really well behaved! Go the Beibs cake love to see a pic of that...happy birthday kids :)

Tania @ Out Back said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours. Looks like you had a lot of fun for Christmas and New Year's!

Not long and the holidays are over for another year :( I like the relaxed routine of just doing what we want, sleeping in, eating when ever lol!!

OurGangof7 said...

Hi :) Thanks for the comments ladies!

Niki...our car is a Hyundai Imax. Well it is actually Hubby's work car so it isn't actually ours but we are able to use it for personal use as well so we make the most of it. Our own car is an old Toyota Tarago which is on its last legs...another reason why Hubby desperately wants to keep his job lol

Jen....Thank you for the birthday wishes, I got the kids to have a little read and they all loved that someone they don't know actually wished them happy birthday lol...I explained the joy of blogging to them, not sure they actually got it but nevermind! Yes sleepovers and friends over seem to be such a common occurrence,,,I don't mind having extras I figure there are usually between 4-6 kids here anyway, another couple make no difference lol (I don't enjoy feeding them all though lol)

Tania....Yes I agree, this year I am actually dreading school going back. I had so much planned and we have achieved so little of it, it is really sad. I don't want to get back into the school lunch making and hissy fits over homework that I know are looming,,,,maybe I should look more deeply into home schooling lol.