Thursday, November 4, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking - No Mess No Fuss Scrapbooking

Because my stepson is autistic, I try as hard as I can to limit the amount of things that are left laying around the house.  I desperately wanted to start scrapbooking but knew that it is a hobby that tends to take over quite a bit of money and space if you let it.  I love all the little embellishments that you can buy and I knew that I would be forever buying cute little bits and pieces for my creations.  I also knew that I would like to display my works and not keep them hidden away, but knowing my boy as I do I knew that he would be pulling my pages apart very quickly if he got a chance to.  I didn't want to be forever having to put my works away out of sight every time he came over, so I decided that digital scrapbooking would be the way to go for me.

This way I can create everything and store them on the computer.  I get them printed up just as a 5x7 photo and put them in an album.  This way everyone can still see my creations but at least there is nothing for him to pick off the pictures and if he does destroy them, I can at least just get another one printed off.  It seemed the perfect solution for my life at least.  I do miss out on the cutting and gluing and general creativeness but I think you will agree that you can achieve decent results digitally :-)

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