Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Garden planting, escaping children and dying cars.......what a week!!!

Well I think the good news is the best to start with in this line of events lol.  I am basically working backwards in the chain of events, but geez after the other two events, garden planting is major good news in this house!!!

This weekend we planted out our veggies in our new little veggie patch, to discover that our "little" veggie patch is a tad too small!!  So we now have pots and pots of seedlings and also we have pumpkins planted in the front garden because they had no where else to go.

In our garden we now have......
Cucumber - 2 varieties
Tomato - 3 varieties
Cherry Tomato

as well as
Feijoa trees
Mulberry tree
Necartine tree
Peacharine tree
Plum tree
Orange tree and
Tangello tree

As this is our first real year at planting a decent amount of "food" plants, I'm not expecting miracles but I do hope for a reasonable amount of produce at least to help with our budget.  A few of these things won't fruit this year but heres hoping we do succeed with the lettuce, tomato and cucumbers at least because we sure do eat alot to those lol.

Escaping children......oh boy this one scared the bejeezers out of me I tell you!!!  As regular readers would know my stepson, is autistic.  Well last week we had him and his sister for the first week of school holidays.  Now this child is very bright, although he isn't toilet trained and cannot talk.  He is 10 years old and one of the most cunning kids I have ever met.  He waits until we are distracted even slightly to get into the things he know he isn't allowed to have.

Last Friday morning our alarm went off at 7am and as usual we couldn't be bothered moving as we had had yet another late night and MrAutism had woken us at about 4am.  (He wakes up at ridiciulous hours of the morning and then refuses to go back to sleep and we are up and down continuously because he will get out of bed and get into things in the house).  Anyway we didn't here him moving and thought "yay, finally he is sleeping in past 6am".  We dozed off again and then the alarm went off again ten minutes later and we also heard a crashing noise from the front of the house.  We thought "great, what has he gotten into this time?", Hubby jumped out of bed and headed towards the front of the house.  I lay there and was surprised when I didn't here him telling MrAustism off.  I decided to get up and investigate only to bump into Hubby just outside our bedroom saying "MrAutism has got out of the house and I can't find him".  I raced out the front while Hubby quickly got dressed.  I looked up and down the street but couldn't see him.  Hubby came back out and told me to get the car keys while he walked up the road.

I got the keys and jumped in the car, prepared to go patrolling the local area to see if we could find him.  As I pulled out the driveway Hubby (accompanied by MrAutism) cam walking up the street.  He had gotten 5 doors down (which is just around a slight bend in the road, hence the reason we hadn't spotted him).  Hubby found him standing next to a car which was fitted with a dvd player.  He had also taken my son's "This Is It" dvd which he keeps trying to steal.  Obviously he decided that since we block all chances of him being able to play DVDs in the middle of the night that he would leave and go elsewhere to find a dvd player.  Our house is locked up securely but now we are going to have to hide keys as well.  He managed to get through a deadlocked door and had moved a chair to remove the screen door key from the hook where it sits which is up high on the door frame out of his reach.

I just don't know what to do at this point.  He is back with us on Friday and I already know that I won't be able to sleep because I will just be listening out for him all the time.  Every time he comes we are having to hide or disconnect just about everything in the house to prevent it from being destroyed by him.  It is just getting near impossible to keep both the other children's possessions safe and even more worrying is the fact that even keeping him safe is becoming impossible it seems.  Does our home need to turn into a prison cell even more than it already is just to keep him safe?????  I just don't know right now.

The Dying Car.......last week my Hubby's work car was in for a factory recall.  I took him and dropped him off to pick it up only to have my car (tarago) begin to bubble and overheat as soon as I pulled up.  We cooled it down and drove it to the mechanic as it had done this before a couple of months ago and we had the thermostat changed and the radiator flushed as they said this was the problem.  The mechanic has now found that it is getting water into the cylinder and we will need a new head gasket or possibly the whole motor reconditioned.........coming up to a grand total bill of up to approx $3000!!!!  We don't have the money and I refuse to pull it back out of the mortgage.  The mortgage has been ransacked enough over the last couple of years with other disasters that have occurred.  We dont' know what to do.  This will mean that we can't go anywhere as a family unless we either walk or take the bus etc.  As far as getting the kids to school goes, it looks like we will be walking or bike riding, not ideal when it is a 2.5km one way trip when the weather is about to start heating up.  On a good note I guess I will at least get fit and lose some weight if I am walking 10kms a day lol.  I went and picked it up from the mechanic's today and it ran fine until I got to the other end of my street and it began overheating really fast.  I pulled into my driveway just as it started bubbling and boiling.

Why is it just as we are about to start a new attempt at a budget and savings plan, everything is going to go wrong and the money will be wiped out before it barely has had a chance to accrue????

This post is now way too long, I'm so sorry!!!!

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