Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Mum's Proud Moment

My 12 year old graduated from Year 7 last Tuesday and I couldn't be more proud of him. He isn't normally the type of kid that likes to get dressed up, but boy did he look gorgeous!!! He grudgingly wore a suit for our wedding 2 years ago and when it rolled around to his graduation, I asked if he would wear his suit again, just like his older brother did for his graduation 2 years ago. Of course he said "I won't fit it any more" but I said, well there is always the older two's suits. So he tried on the pants to humour me, saying that he wouldn't wear the jacket. I thought well that is ok, just he nice pants and a nice shirt. He tried on the pants, perfect fit! Tried on the shoes, perfect fit!. We found a shirt that he was happy with too and I thought well, he does look nice. Next thing, he said "this would look even better with a jacket though wouldn't it Mum?",,,,lol who was I to disagree with him!! He put the jacket on and then next thing out of his mouth was, "well if I wear a jacket you would normally wear a tie too right?". "Most of the time, yep"..."okay let me see Steve's ties. Lol you have never seen someone run so fast to grab those darn ties.

Roll forward to last Tuesday and he stuck to his thoughts and wore the jacket and tie, and he looked wonderful. He even let me spike his hair up!! All the girls said it really suited him like that so now he wants his hair spiked all the time lol.

Here is a pick of my young man......

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