Wednesday, July 29, 2009

High Expectations or Just Sheer Laziness????

This week has left me feeling very, hmmm I don't know, I guess stressed out is the only way to describe it lol.

For quite a while now I have been feeling like I have too much too do and too little time to do it, but now I am wondering if it is just sheer laziness on my part or just me setting myself too high of a target to reach.

I am feeling like my house just doesn't measure up to other people's houses, not in the type of house we have or anything like that, I am not the sort of person that has to "live up to the Jones" so to speak,,,,,just in the sense of tidiness/cleanliness of the house and garden etc. Yes my house has 4 children and their friends coming and going for most of the time and then 2 step children every second weekend, one of those being autistic and tending to create a trail of mess and sometimes destruction in his path, but I always feel very self conscious of my house when other mum's come to pick up their children from play dates. Every surface in the house is cluttered no matter how hard I try to keep it tidy. Dust bunnies hide behind every hole and under every item of furniture. The sink seems to never be free of dishes even though I have a dishwasher in which to hide some. There are always baskets of clothes and in this weather clothes horses of washing around. The floors seem to scream out to the dust and dirt outside "hey we just got swept/mopped, come inside and makes us dirty would ya!!".

I started decluttering,,,,,,anyone who is in a "blended family" scenario would know what it is like to have two houses become one lol, you end up with two houses full of clutter under one roof! We have been living together for over three years now though and you would think I would have it sorted, but no. My mum recently went into a nursing home so I am also storing quite a bit of her stuff too which isn't helping! I am a very sentimental person so tend to hold on to way too much stuff and what I haven't held on to is sitting out in the carport, boxed up waiting to be listed on Oztion. It is my plan to list it and sell it and that will help us to save up for our next trip to the Gold Coast in a couple of years. But I need the motivation to get going with the photographing and listing of it all. I know if my carport was neater that would help me feel better but it just looks hideous with box after box of items sitting there.

I dearly want to get started on my scrapbooking. I like doing digital scrapbooking and my dear hubby bought me a couple of great programs a couple of years ago to help me improve the look of the photos and to get me started with my scrapbooking but I just don't have the time to make that start. I have finally got all my photos scanned onto the computer and I need to go through and sort them into "events" so that I can scrap far I have only sorted them into years and there are hundreds sitting there needing to be cropped as they were scanned in 3 to a page and most of the scanned ones need to be photoshopped.

Everything I want to do just feels like a massive task. I know Flylady says baby steps but I am even struggling with that at the moment.

Am I the only one that feels like this? I seem to spend all day just doing the basics, like washing, folding, sorting, sweeping, vacuuming, preparing food, I look at the clock and it is time to go and get the kids from school and then I am helping with homework and preparing dinner, we eat, we go to soccer/karate if it is that night, come home, get the kids showered, they watch an episode of Alf and then its bedtime for the younger two, I jump in the shower, then read a chapter of Harry Potter to the older two and then we finally get them to bed and sit down for about an hour or two to watch shows that we have taped for ourselves then fall into bed, just to get up and repeat the scenario all over again. There has to be more to life than just constant drudgery right????

I would be interested to hear other people's views on the life of a stay at home mum!!!!

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