Thursday, October 16, 2008

The What to Attack First Dilemma........

Well I have survived school holidays and am now back into that dreaded school lunch packing routine again lol. I love the few hours of "by myself" time that school terms bring but I just hate packing lunchboxes lol I have a couple that are pretty fussy and school lunches aren't their favourite things in the world so I am always trying to come up with things they will at least have a nibble at. The school holidays went pretty quick actually. Unfortunately money is tight and we didn't really get to do anything but we went to visit 3 different parks and got in a trip down to Glenelg beach and a visit to the museum just to get them out the house at least. The boys don't mind staying home too much but too long in each other's company can be a little tedious and it turns into a yelling match between them a little too often lol.

Now that I have a little time to myself I just don't know where to start in the house. There are so many things I want to do but just can't seem to get stuck into anything because I look around and think "oh that really needs doing first" etc etc. We decided to redo the gardens and we have decided to help save money that we would start up a vegetable garden. We have a peacharine tree growing in a pot. I have planted a passionfruit vine that I am hoping (if the snails don't keep eating it that is!!! grrr) to grow up the trellis in front of the front door. I have also got growing 2 tomato plants and 2 capsicum plants. We have gone a little crazy on seeds too, I have so many packets of flowers its not funny lol. I have also bought pumpkin seeds, watermelon, cherry tomatos, cucumbers, rockmelons, guava (not sure if this will grow in Adelaide but will try anyway), yellow and black passionfruit and also I bought some mulberry tree cuttings from a guy on Oztion. I'd like to plant a mulberry tree out the front so will see if the cuttings take off. He sent me six so surely one of them will grow lol. I just want a nice looking garden but also one that can be productive. I have never really grown veggies/fruit before so have my fingers crossed. I don't want a traditional veggie garden though I thought I might try just planting things here and there and see how they go in amongst "normal" plants. The front yard is going to become a cottage garden once summer is over. I am just letting the grass die off over summer (this won't be hard it has dried off already!) and then once the weather begins to cool a little we will get some top soil an stacks of mulch to smother it and see how we go.

At the same time I am itching to get started painting my house. This has been something I have wanted to do since I moved in here almost 7 years ago, so as you can imagine it is long overdue. I am wanting to just go room by room and do up each one (as far as the budget will allow at least) as I go. I have always had this plan to start in the toilet and work my way through. So my "do up" plan goes like this......toilet, bathroom 1, bathroom 2, laundry, bedrooms x 5, lounge, kitchen, family room. This is going to take a while lol.

Best I go and achieve something for today then huh!!! I really need to do the floors, they are looking a little disgusting and then I should do some ironing oh I go!!!!

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