Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One shelf a day keeps the clutter away.....

Well today I decided that I really must start my decluttering. I have spent the first 4 days of my kids being back at school to restock the pantry and getting floors cleaned, dust bunnies evicted etc etc.

Today my mission was to attack the top of the bathroom vanity cabinet and the window ledge in there. I couldn't believe it when I came out of there with arms overflowing of rubbish lol. It only took me about 5 minutes but just from those two tiny surfaces I evicted from my home:

- 2 cans of hairspray (these haven't been touched since we got married over 2 years ago!!)
- a container of bubblebath with a miniscule amount in the bottom (my kids have all been shower converts for about a year now)
- a half full bottle of headlice solution which had solidified in the bottle lol
- 4 tubs of kids drawing soap stuff that has been in the house for about 4 years and the kids didn't like the smell
- an Avon eyeliner/shadow duo thing that I bought and never used as I didn't like the colour.

Can you believe that I had that amount of crap just sitting there taking up space when we didn't even use the stuff??????? I'm embarrassed to even admit to it but this blog in the end will be my sense of achievement. Being able to see all the clutter that leaves my house written down in black and white will be cleansing I think.

The worst part is that I have moved these items time and time again to clean the ledge/shelf for the last couple of years lol. I must be mad!!!!!!

I should actually take photos of before and after, that would probably be easier than writing it all down,,,hmmm may do that on tomorrow's task......the bathroom vanity inside......oh geez I hate to think!!!!

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  1. I get so much satisfaction out of decluttering. Only problem is, I have done it so well and so often that now when I feel the urge, there is nothing left TO declutter!


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